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Dr. George H. Sanders

In this day of Supersize, Biggie Fries, and the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s only appropriate to consider the question of which individual holds the world record for the most plastic surgeries? The word on the street is that if you have too much plastic surgery, you’re going to look like a freak, and the world of celebrities seems to give credence to that belief. The answer to the question of who’s had the most, though, turns that popular notion on its head!

The individual holding the record is a woman by the name of Cindy Jackson. Although she grew up as a farm girl in Fremont, Ohio, she moved to London at age 21 and had a short career as a punk rocker. Even as a child she wanted to look like a Barbie doll and, when her father died and left her an inheritance, she decided to invest it all in her appearance. Over the years she’s had 52 plastic surgery procedures, costing $100,000, with 14 full-scale operations that include five facelifts. If you go to her website at, however, you’ll find photographs of Cindy who looks very natural and appears much younger than her stated age of 55 years. The only things in the photos that drew my attention were her dimples, but she also displays her picture as a 4 year old and the dimples have not changed!

She has parlayed this obsession with her appearance into a career, serving as a plastic surgery consultant, writing two best-selling books about her experiences, developing her own line of skin care products, traveling the world, and getting her singing career back off the ground. When asked her secret to having so much surgery and yet continuing to look good, she says that it lies in “taking it slow.” She never wanted to achieve a bizarre look, instead having a very natural appearance as her goal. When a reporter accused her of, “Messing with nature,” she replied, “Nature messed with me!” She then goes on to point out that we all mess with nature. “We redirect water and call it plumbing!”

One may question the wisdom of a person who has spent so much time, energy, and money, on plastic surgery, but it’s difficult to question the fact that she looks quite natural and far younger than her stated age of 55. After looking at her photos, I’d put her in her early 40’s and would add that she’s very attractive! Consider the bizarre faces of so many in the entertainment world. They’ve spent many times more money than Cindy on plastic surgery and look many times worse! Perhaps they should buy her book, Image and Cosmetic Surgery Secrets! It’s available for only £24.95 on her website!!

Check out her website at and let me know what you think!

George Sanders, M.D.