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Breast augmentation surgery can be an important step toward a more flattering silhouette and rejuvenated self-confidence. As you prepare for your surgery, it is only natural to feel eager for results. However, it is important to remember that breast augmentation, like most surgeries, requires time and patience. Your body will need to heal before you can get a clear sense of your final results.

One important part of this healing process is waiting for your implants to “drop.” When an implant is first positioned, it usually sits higher on the chest, a natural result of post-surgical swelling.

As you wait for a glimpse of your finished physique, you may experience some doubts about whether your body is healing as it should, and about whether your implants are dropping the way they are supposed to. But, how can you tell if your implants are dropping normally?

What To Know About Breast Implants Dropping

During your recovery from breast augmentation, your muscles and tissue will naturally stretch out, accommodating your breast implants. The time required for this to happen can vary depending on various factors, including your breast size, your age, your muscle mass, the type of implants you receive, and the placement of your implants.

For many patients, the breasts will begin dropping into their normal, settled position within the first six weeks of recovery. In some situations, it may take as many as three to six months before the implants are noticeably settled.

Because the timeline is different from one patient to the next, there is really no way to tell whether implants are dropping “normally.” Rather, there is no normal. Your breasts may undergo a number of changes during the first few months of your recovery, and it is even possible that one implant may drop before the other. None of this should be cause for concern or alarm.

Seeking Help with Your Breast Implants

Even so, if you do become anxious about your breasts dropping, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. George H. Sanders. Dr. Sanders has decades of experience performing breast augmentation, helping patients achieve aesthetic results they feel good about. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he can also provide insights into how you can guide your implants through the dropping process.

For example, some patients may benefit from:

  • Breast massages
  • Wearing a compression garment around the top of the breasts
  • Using different bras or undergarments

While these techniques may be useful for some patients, it is important to consult your surgeon before trying them. Your doctor understands your body’s needs and can advise you on the best way to achieve the desired outcome.

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