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Breast Augmentation Recovery Dos and DontsOn the eve of your breast augmentation procedure, it is completely normal to feel a sense of excitement. Your new curves will enhance your silhouette and boost your self-image. Before you can enjoy those new curves, however, it is important to give your body some time to heal.

During your breast augmentation recovery, there are several important guidelines to keep in mind. Adherence to these instructions will not only accelerate your recovery, but may also promote optimal aesthetic results.

What To Do During Breast Augmentation Recovery

Do Spend Time Resting

Following breast augmentation surgery, prioritizing ample rest is crucial for optimal healing and minimizing complications. For some patients, the rest phase may last up to a week, which is perfectly normal. Gradually increase activity levels as instructed by Dr. Sanders, typically starting with light walking and avoiding strenuous activities for 4-6 weeks.

Do Lie on Your Back

Remember, following surgery, that your breast implants will require some time to settle into place. Lying on your stomach may actually have an unwanted effect on how they drop, compromising your final results. Lying on your back is recommended.

Do Ask your Surgeon About Medications

You can expect some tenderness for the first few days after surgery. Often, over-the-counter medications are sufficient to promote your comfort. Dr. Sanders will be able to provide prescribed medicines as needed.

Do Be Patient with Yourself

Think of recovery as an exciting journey, not a waiting game. Celebrate small victories like managing pain with ease, taking your first walk outside, or slipping into a comfy new support bra. Each day brings you closer to feeling vibrant and confident in your new skin.

What Not to Do Following Breast Augmentation

Do NOT Wear Bras with Underwires

Underwires may irritate your incision site and complicate your recovery. Instead, wear a support garment or sports bra, as recommended by Dr. Sanders.

Do NOT Lift Heavy Objects

Dr. Sanders will advise you to avoid heavy lifting for up to a full month following your surgery. Lifting heavy objects before you are fully healed may cause discomfort or compromise your aesthetic results.

Do NOT Go for a Swim

Swimming pools, hot tubs, and even bathtubs are out for the first two weeks of your recovery. The reason is simple: Exposing your incision site to too much water can significantly increase your risk of infection. Stick with showers until instructed otherwise.

Do NOT Smoke or Use Tobacco Products

Tobacco can impact your healing process. We recommend abstaining from tobacco products of all kinds for at least two full weeks following your breast augmentation.

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