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In order to deliver the best possible body contouring results, Dr. Sanders conducts thorough consultations with all of his patients. During pre-surgical meetings, he carefully evaluates patients’ health and learns about their aesthetic needs and goals. Dr. Sanders uses this information to develop personalized, highly effective treatment plans. When receiving treatment from the skilled hands of Dr. Sanders, patients are assured of the best possible surgical care and attentive, compassionate service of a 5-star Google rating.


Los Angeles is one of the most body-conscious cities in the world. As a result, plastic surgery is extremely common, for both men and women. Being trim and fit is an important, which is why liposuction in LA is such a popular procedure among residents. Everyone wants to lose an extra pound here or there, and liposuction achieves that goal.

Tummy Tuck

Hollywood celebrities are famous for snapping back into shape after childbirth. Sometimes it’s genetics and exercise, but other times it’s the classic LA tummy tuck they have to thank. Getting back to their pre-baby body is an important goal, and abdominoplasty helps Los Angelenos get there.

Types of Body Contouring Procedures