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Selecting a plastic surgeonWhen considering plastic surgery, there are many decisions you will need to make, but none more important than the plastic surgeon you will work with. Choosing a qualified plastic surgeon ensures a safe procedure and successful outcome. To help you with your decision, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. George Sanders would like to discuss common mistakes you should avoid when choosing your surgeon.

Mistake #1: Ignoring Board Certification and Facility Accreditation

It is imperative that you choose a plastic surgeon that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Board certification means the surgeon has earned their medical degree from an accredited medical university, completed between six and nine years of training in plastic surgery and passed rigorous examinations to test their knowledge in plastic surgery. Non-certified plastic surgeons may lack the proper training, experience and knowledge to safely and successfully perform surgery.

Board certification is also important because it means the plastic surgeon only operates in accredited ambulatory facilities or hospitals. This ensures that your plastic surgeon and medical team have the proper support, training and equipment to respond to complications and medical emergencies.

Mistake #2: Falling for Bargain Deals

If a plastic surgeon is offering a cosmetic procedure at a discounted price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Drastically discounted prices could mean that the surgeon has cut costs on properly trained staff, uses out-of-date technology and equipment, or operates in a non-accredited facility.

Mistake #3: Not Hearing What Past Patients Have to Say

In many cases, patient testimonials and reviews serve as your first impression of a plastic surgeon. Reviews and testimonials from credible sources like Yelp and HealthGrades are unfiltered and candid, and can give you insight on what to expect from the doctor and the staff. Pay attention to what other patients have to say about the doctor’s skill and experience, as well as their demeanor. Is the plastic surgeon known to be friendly, communicative and easy to work with? All of these things should factor into your decision.

Mistake #4: Not Viewing Before-and-After Photos

Viewing before-and-after photos can give you an idea of what kind of results to expect. Browsing through a surgeon’s photo gallery can also help you gauge their skill and sense of aesthetic beauty. Be sure to look at photos of patients who are similar to you in body size and type.

To discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals with a board certified plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanders. This trusted Los Angeles surgeon has helped tens of thousands of men and women achieve their aesthetic goals using a personalized approach. He can recommend a treatment plan after evaluating your unique needs.

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