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Dr. George H. Sanders

Statistics from leading plastic surgery organizations show a recent uptick in male patients, as more men realize the benefits of plastic surgery. However, as it becomes more popular, there are a lot of questions about plastic surgery for men. Here, Dr. George Sanders, who welcomes male and female patients at his plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles, explains some of the things male plastic surgery patients should know.

Men and Women Require Different Approaches

The best plastic surgeons understand and respect the differences between men and women’s bodies: for example, the differences in skin thickness, hair patterns and how each stores fat. They know that men tend to have sharper and more defined features and desire subtler cosmetic improvements. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Sanders tailor their surgical approach to the specific needs of their male patients for conservative and natural-looking results.

Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery Is Not a Substitute for Exercise

Despite what some men may think, body contouring surgery is not a replacement for working out. Men that already work out regularly prior to surgery see the best results from procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck and gynecomastia surgery. These procedures “fine tune” areas of the body that don’t respond to exercise or diet efforts, like the chest and love handles. And continuing to exercise after surgery is a great way to maintain results long-term.

Set Aside Time to Recover

Speaking of exercise, Dr. Sanders sees some male surgical candidates that are hesitant to take time off after surgery because they don’t want to be “out of commission.” One of the realities of surgery is that it requires some amount of downtime. Resuming strenuous activity too soon after surgery could lead to serious complications.

Cosmetic Improvement Doesn’t Always Require Surgery

Many men are surprised to learn that they can rejuvenate their appearance with non-surgical treatments like Botox, laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels. Non-invasive treatment options can minimize signs of aging and improve the tone and texture of the skin without the time and financial commitment of surgery. Some plastic surgeons even offer non-surgical fat removal technology.

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