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Dr. George Sanders  stays abreast of the latest news in plastic surgery to remain at the forefront of his industry. Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a prestigious association to which Dr. Sanders belongs, released a report of the most popular plastic surgery procedures of 2016. Dr. Sanders, who practices plastic surgery in Los Angeles, thought his patients might be interested in the results.

Americans Had More Cosmetic Procedures than Ever Before

According to ASPS, plastic surgery was more popular than ever in 2016. Its plastic surgeon members reported performing 17.1 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures last year. That number reflects an overall increase of 3 percent since 2015.

Top 5 Cosmetic Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

The ASPS report shows cosmetic surgical procedures grew 4 percent in 2016 to 1.8 million total. The most popular surgical procedures were:

  1. Breast augmentation
  2. Liposuction
  3. Rhinoplasty
  4. Eyelid surgery
  5. Facelift

One of the surprises of the 2016 report was the re-appearance of facelift in the top five surgical procedures (it dropped off the list in 2015).

Another surprising result was the uptick in fat grafting procedures, which use the patient’s own fat to add shape and volume to a specific area of the body. Breast augmentation procedures using the patient’s own fat saw a 72 percent uptick.

The rise of labiaplasty’s popularity also caught the attention of some plastic surgeons. Labiaplasty increased in popularity by 39 percent in 2016, with more than 12,000 procedures performed.

The cosmetic non-surgical space continues to be an area of interest for many people, and the number of procedures rose by 3 percent over 2015 for a total of 15.5 million procedures.

The top five non-surgical procedures were:

  1. Botulinum Toxin Type A injectables
  2. Dermal fillers
  3. Chemical peel
  4. Laser hair removal
  5. Microdermabrasion

Also, injection-based procedures to target fat under the chin saw an 18 percent increase, and body contouring procedures that freeze unwanted fat saw a 5 percent increase.

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