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Dr. George H. Sanders

Which of these breasts do you find the most attractive?

                                       Ratio = 45:55       Ratio = 35:65      Ratio = 55:45

This question is exactly the one that researchers posed to a group of over 1300 people from all parts of the world (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, September 2014;134:436-447). The goal was to discover if there were any universally shared opinions as to what constitutes the ideal breast shape.

In a previous study these same authors had studied 100 topless models to determine what characteristics their breasts shared in common. The results: slightly fuller lower breast than upper breast defined by a 45% to 55% ratio of the upper breast to the lower breast height, a slightly upwardly pointing nipple, a straight to slightly scooped upper breast slope, and a smooth curve to the lower breast.


                                                       Ideal breast as defined above

In this study the authors showed study participants photos of a breast that had been photoshopped so as to alter its upper pole to lower pole ratio in the ratios of 35:65, 45:55, 50:50, and 55:45, much like the series of three breasts shown in the diagram above. The participants were asked to rank the breasts in order of their preference. The breasts in the photographs were of small, medium, large, and very large sizes.

The results:

– Each group of women and of men, from all over the world, preferred the 45:55 ratio. This is in contrast to the widely held assumption that men prefer “fake looking” breasts.

The 45:55 ratio was the preference of the participants from each ethnic group. There is apparently a universal standard of beauty in this matter!

– My personal experience is that women prefer a full look to the breast in clothing. On the other hand, as this study shows, in naked breasts they prefer more of the fullness in the lower part of the breast and a relatively flat slope to the upper breast. The problem is that you can’t have it both ways! A woman considering augmentation needs to come to terms with this fact and choose accordingly.

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George Sanders, M.D.