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Tummy Tuck medical benefitsOften performed in conjunction with other surgeries as part of a “mommy makeover,” abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, can be far more than just a cosmetic procedure. Abdominoplasty has been shown to correct common postpartum issues and improve patients’ quality of life after childbirth. In this blog post, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. George Sanders discusses the medical benefits of tummy tuck surgery.         

Improving Postpartum Complications

Pregnancy and childbirth can permanently alter a woman’s shape, especially after multiple deliveries. Not only can it be difficult to get rid of stubborn fat, but abdominal muscles may also stretch irreversibly. This can give rise to these common post-childbearing symptoms:

  • Incontinence – A combination of extra weight and stretched abdominal muscles leads to a loss of bladder control for many women.
  • Back pain – Separated abdominal muscles after childbirth may no longer be strong enough to support the core, putting added stress and weight on the back. This can trigger significant back pain.
  • Emotional stress – Seemingly permanent changes to body shape and contour can lead to a loss of confidence and even depression.

How a Tummy Tuck Can Help

Though tummy tuck is not intended as a weight loss procedure, the procedure can play a role in helping women get back to a healthy weight. Less weight in the abdomen creates less stress on the back muscles, resulting in a reduction in back pain reported by women post-childbirth. Repairing abdominal muscle separation during tummy tuck surgery allows women to regain control of their bladder, reducing incontinence by a significant margin. In a recent study of women who endured back pain and incontinence after childbirth, only 9 percent of abdominoplasty patients experienced back pain six months after the surgery, and only 2 percent remained incontinent.

Am I a Good Candidate for Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty surgery can offer medical benefits for women who continue to experience back pain and incontinence long after their pregnancies. It is advised to wait until you are finished having children and are no longer breastfeeding before undergoing a tummy tuck. If you are in good physical health, do not smoke and are at a stable weight, you may be considered a good candidate for this procedure.

Only a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you determine if tummy tuck surgery is right for you. Call the office of Dr. George Sanders at (818) 981-3333 to schedule a consultation.