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Dr. George H. Sanders
Reverse Aging through Sunscreen

New research suggests that instead of spending money on the latest “miracle” creams and potions, you could reverse signs of aging with a product you already have in your bathroom cabinet. Two dermatologists found that daily application of moisturizer with SPF 30 improved the appearance of skin texture, clarity and pigmentation dramatically.

Always interested helping his clients look younger and more attractive, Dr. George Sanders found this report intriguing. Here, he breaks down the study, which was published in the peer-reviewed Dermatologic Surgery journal, and explains what it could mean for you.

Improvement in Sun Spots, Skin Texture and Skin Clarity

A team of researchers led by dermatologists Steven Wang and James Leyden and commissioned by Johnson & Johnson’s Skin Research Center asked a group of women to apply moisturizer with SPF 30 once daily. The moisturizer contained no known anti-aging ingredients — only ingredients for hydration and sun protection. Scientific measurements of the skin were taken on the first day of the study and periodically throughout the year through dermatologist evaluations and self-assessments.

After a year of daily use, the participants noticed an improvement of 52 percent in sun spots, 40 percent in skin texture and 41 percent in skin clarity. The signs of aging were dramatically reversed!

While the research team couldn’t confirm how exactly the sunscreen led to these results, Dr. Wang suggested that the skin’s natural regenerative properties could be a factor. Skin turns over every 28 days, and by preventing the accumulation of more skin damage by wearing sunscreen, participants allowed their skin time to heal on its own, according to Dr. Wang. Sunscreen prevents the sun’s UVA rays from penetrating the skin, damaging cells and causing sun spots, uneven tone and wrinkles, and the sun’s UVB rays from causing cancer.

Even as further research is needed to explore the link between SPF and anti-aging, Dr. Sanders encourages all patients to wear sunscreen daily. In a climate like Southern California’s, we need to be diligent about sun protection.

If you have been lax about applying your daily sunscreen, Dr. Sanders hopes this study helps to convince you of the beneficial properties of SPF.

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