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Dr. George H. Sanders

Do you want the flatter, firmer stomach a tummy tuck provides, but without the telltale signs of surgery? Your choice in plastic surgeon matters. With Dr. George Sanders, a board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, you can rest assured you are in great hands. He is one of the Los Angeles area’s leading tummy tuck surgeons and knowledgeable in all modern tummy tuck techniques and technology.

Here, Dr. Sanders explains some of the signs of a great tummy tuck and describes how he achieves excellent results.

A Normal-looking Belly Button

Traditional tummy tuck requires the creation of a new belly button. Outdated tummy tuck techniques used to leave an unusual looking belly button, but nowadays, plastic surgeons like Dr. Sanders know how to avoid this. A normal-looking belly button usually has a small upper hood and inward scars that aren’t visible, two things Dr. Sanders is cognizant of when creating the new navel.

“Hills and Valleys”

A great-looking stomach isn’t flat as a board — it has normal hills and valleys, particularly around the belly button. A well performed tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin but also recreates normal and attractive contours around the navel.

An attractive stomach also has a gentle sloping contour around the waistline. As Dr. Sanders performs tummy tuck, he strives to mimic that curvature around the sides of the waist for a beautiful result. Liposuction helps him to shape those areas of the stomach and waist.

Good Scars

All surgical incisions leave some scarring. Tummy tuck incisions are generally placed low enough on the abdomen in a location where underwear and swimsuits can cover them. Dr. Sanders knows that a great tummy tuck scar is flat, narrow and fades with time. He also understands the techniques needed for good scars — such as using special sutures that help the wound heal as best possible.

Looking for Great Tummy Tuck Results?

If you have good scars, a normal-looking belly button and natural abdominal contours, hardly anyone will be able to tell you have had tummy tuck. They will simply admire your flat, firm abdomen!

For great tummy tuck results without the telltale signs of surgery, Dr. Sanders can help. Schedule an informational consultation with the plastic surgeon to learn more about your treatment options and how he delivers stunning results.