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Drainless Tummy Tuck BenefitsTummy tuck techniques have advanced considerably in the past few decades. One of the most exciting developments in tummy tuck is the rise of the “drainless” tummy tuck. Dr. George Sanders is always interested in ways to make treatment safer and more comfortable for his patients, and has incorporated the drainless technique into his practice. Read on as he explains the benefits of this approach.

The Basics of Drainless Tummy Tuck

In the past, surgeons used a system of drains and tubing as a precaution for post-operative complications. After the procedure, the surgeon would place drains beneath the abdominal skin; this system was intended to collect fluid during the initial recovery period and prevent seroma (fluid accumulation). Patients had to wear the drains for four to 14 days.

But there were downsides to using drains during recovery. The drains were uncomfortable and gave some patients anxiety about displacing them. The drains also made it difficult to move around and shower after surgery. Patients had to carefully empty the drains on their own and measure the amount of fluid to report back to the doctor.

Nowadays, plastic surgeons like Dr. Sanders have adopted a “drainless” approach to some cases of tummy tuck. During the surgery, Dr. Sanders uses special sutures to attach the abdominal skin to the underlying tissue, leaving very little room for fluid to accumulate and eliminating the need for drains.

Why Patients Prefer the Drainless Technique

There are several key advantages to the drainless tummy tuck approach. For example, patients are able to move around easily and comfortably after surgery. They also have better range of motion during their recovery. They can shower sooner. And there is no need to worry about dislodging the tubes or drains, leaking fluid or having to empty the drains and measure the fluid.

Additionally, Dr. Sanders has found that there is a lower risk of seroma with the drainless technique.

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