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Dr. George H. Sanders

Can a Facelift Look MasculineWhile more men are seeking facelift as a means to turn back the clock on their facial appearance, many are still concerned about whether their results will look obvious or feminine. This is an understandable concern as the facelift has traditionally been associated with women.

With over 30 years of experience performing male plastic surgery, Dr. George Sanders is cognizant of the concerns male patients have about facelift. In this blog post, the plastic surgeon discusses how facelifts can help male patients look younger while still preserving or enhancing a masculine appearance.

What Sets Male Facelift Apart

The goal of any facelift procedure is to help the patient look like a younger version of themselves. To achieve this, an experienced plastic surgeon will take into consideration various factors, including the patient’s gender and unique facial structure. From a technical standpoint, male facelift is performed in a manner similar to a female facelift. However, there are several differences between the two to take into consideration:

Cosmetic goals and facelift technique. The majority of men seeking facelift desire a subtle enhancement and want to avoid an overly pulled appearance. Men who are concerned about an overly stretched or “wind tunnel” appearance benefit from modern facelift techniques that focus on the deeper superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), which gently lift the underlying facial tissues, instead of traditional facelift techniques that simply tighten the skin. This allows men to achieve a rejuvenated, relaxed and natural-looking appearance.

Incision location. Like women, men are concerned about visible scarring after surgery. Depending on skin coloration and existing skin creases, the appropriate incision location in front or along the edge of the ear will be chosen.

Complementary treatments. Generally, a chiseled jawline is important for men while women desire high cheekbones. For this reason, many men benefit from combining facelift with chin implant or neck lift and women may combine facelift with cheek implants or dermal fillers. Ultimately, the complementary procedures and treatments your surgeon recommends will depend on your individual case.

Choose the Right Facelift Surgeon

Dr. Sanders has helped hundreds of men and women achieve the refreshed, young look they desire with facelift. To discuss your aesthetic needs and goals with the plastic surgeon, please contact us by calling 818.981.3333 or sending us an email today.