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Dr. George H. Sanders

Eyelid surgery is an excellent way to correct bagginess in the lower lids and remove excess skin from the upper lids. The surgery is safe and generally well tolerated by patients; with the proper care and attention, the recovery period can pass by quickly and is usually free of complications. Here, talented Los Angeles eyelid surgeon George Sanders shares his best tips to speed up eyelid surgery recovery.

Select the Right Surgeon

The most important way to have a quick and safe recovery is to select the right plastic surgeon to perform the operation. An experienced and talented surgeon uses special techniques to transform the eyelids, minimize side effects and expedite recovery.

Rest Your Eyelids

Your level of activity after surgery can help determine how quickly you recover. Frequently moving the eyelids as they heal can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Therefore, it is recommended that you minimize unnecessary movement for the initial recovery period. Reading and watching television requires opening and closing the eyelids repeatedly, so it is better to lay back, rest and listen to music, podcasts or audio books during the first two to three days of your recovery.

Watch Your Diet

It is also wise to nurture your body as it heals from surgery by fueling it with nutritious foods. Eat clean, simple meals full of lean protein, vegetables and fruit. Avoid salty foods, which can increase swelling. Hydrate with plenty of water. Stay away from fish oil and aspirin, which predispose you to bleeding. Ask Dr. Sanders about taking Arnica Montana or Bromelain supplements to help resolve bruising and swelling.

Avoid Laying Flat

Keep your head elevated at all times for the first two weeks after surgery to reduce the risk of swelling. Another way to reduce swelling is to apply cold compresses to the area as much as possible for the first few days and then for 10 minutes four times daily for the next week.

Follow All of Your Surgeon’s Instructions

Your surgeon’s post-operative instructions are non-negotiable. They are designed to reduce the risk of complications and expedite your recovery. Take all medications as prescribed, limit your activities and attend all follow-up appointments. If you have questions about any of the instructions, Dr. Sanders can be reached at any time.

Learn More About Eyelid Surgery Recovery

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