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Dr. George H. Sanders

If you are planning to have breast implants placed, you have many important decisions to make, including selecting the shape of your implants. Implant shape directly influences the type of result you will see after surgery. Dr. George Sanders encourages you to learn as much as you can about implant shapes. Below, he shares a primer on implant shapes that should be helpful as you begin your research.

Round vs. Teardrop Implants

Implants come in two shapes: round and teardrop. Round implants are spherical and have the same shape and projection on all sides. Teardrop implants are gently sloped with greater projection and fullness at the bottom.

As you consider your options, think about the type of breast appearance you desire. Do you prefer round, shapely breasts with noticeable fullness in the upper pole — i.e., similar to what you look like when wearing a push-up bra? Or do you prefer breasts that are gently sloped with more fullness at the bottom? If you desire the former, round implants are probably the better option; if the latter, teardrop implants may be the more appropriate choice.

Teardrop shaped implants are often referred to as “anatomically correct” implants because they are thought to mimic the natural anatomy of a breast more closely than round implants. But don’t assume that all round implants look artificial. When placed by an excellent surgeon on the right candidate, round implants can look natural and proportional to the rest of the body and give the same look as a teardrop shaped implant.


Another detail to consider when selecting implant shape is texture. Teardrop implants require a textured surface that helps them adhere to the body’s tissues. This keeps them properly oriented and positioned in the breast pocket. Without a textured surface, teardrop implants would rotate inside the pocket, causing the breasts to look distorted.

Since round implants have the same shape all over, they do not require a textured surface. Should a round implant rotate within the breast pocket, it won’t affect the breast’s appearance.

Achieving Exceptional Breast Augmentation Results

The key to great breast augmentation results is a surgeon who understands which implant shape is right for each situation. Dr. Sanders can explain the pros and cons of both shapes during a one-on-one consultation. He also encourages you to describe your ideal cosmetic outcomes and show him photographs of what you would like your results to look like. Based on this information, as well as an evaluation of your body type, Dr. Sanders can recommend the most appropriate implant shape.

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