Can Short Women Look Good with Breast Implants?

Breast implants can look great on any woman — tall, short, voluptuous or petite. Women of a smaller stature often have questions about picking their implants and making important decisions about their procedure. Here, Los Angeles-area plastic surgeon George Sanders discusses the factors that short women must consider about breast implants. Best Implant Size for… Continue reading

Can Implants Make My Breasts Look Perkier?

Breast augmentation surgery enables women to achieve the shape and contour they always wanted. A variety of implants and surgical techniques can help women look and feel their best by restoring fullness and volume to their breasts. Many women who seek bigger breasts are bothered by breast sag and wonder if implants can also make… Continue reading

Picking the Breast Implant Shape that Is Best for You

If you are planning to have breast implants placed, you have many important decisions to make, including selecting the shape of your implants. Implant shape directly influences the type of result you will see after surgery. Dr. George Sanders encourages you to learn as much as you can about implant shapes. Below, he shares a… Continue reading

Breast Implant Removal: What to Know

Every year hundreds of thousands of women safely undergo breast augmentation and are delighted with their results. Despite the excellent safety record and success of breast augmentation, some women do choose to exchange or remove their implants down the road for certain reasons. It’s important that anyone thinking of undergoing breast augmentation consider the long-term… Continue reading

Breast Implant Placement: Over vs. Under the Muscle

When planning breast augmentation surgery, there are several important decisions to make: implant size, implant filling, incision location and implant placement. The implants can be placed either over the chest muscle (or the pectoralis major muscle, which is a fan-shaped muscle located over the rib cage) or below it. Here, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr.… Continue reading

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