Study: Sunscreen Reverses Signs of Aging

New research suggests that instead of spending money on the latest “miracle” creams and potions, you could reverse signs of aging with a product you already have in your bathroom cabinet. Two dermatologists found that daily application of moisturizer with SPF 30 improved the appearance of skin texture, clarity and pigmentation dramatically. Always interested helping… Continue reading

Must-Have Beauty Picks

Are you a beauty enthusiast who is always on the hunt for the best products and most effective techniques? Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. George Sanders has dedicated his career to helping patients look and feel beautiful. Over the years, Dr. Sanders has used a number of products, techniques and technologies to enhance his patients’ skin and features. In his experience, a few options are ahead of… Continue reading


Certain foods have a reputation for being healthy, but upon closer inspection tell a different story. If you count calories and watch your diet but aren’t losing weight, a so-called “healthy” food may be sabotaging your efforts! Here, Dr. George Sanders reveals healthy foods that aren’t actually so healthy and suggests some smarter alternatives. Salads… Continue reading

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