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Dr. George H. Sanders

Female model for liposuctionThere are a variety of different types of liposuction techniques that remove unwanted, stubborn fat that exercise and diet fail to eliminate. The procedure instantly removes unwanted body fat and produces dramatic results, but are these results permanent? Does the fat come back after liposuction?

How Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction involves removing stubborn fatty deposits from various areas of the body. A small incision is made for the surgeon to insert a small suction cannula to remove fat cells from a targeted area. However, many other techniques can be used during liposuction, including non-surgical procedures. Dr. Sanders provides an overview of liposuction to help you have a better understanding of what your options are.

What Happens to Fat Cells During and After Liposuction?

During liposuction, fat cells are permanently removed via the suction cannula. The good news is that the body will not produce new fat cells unless a person gains 20 or 30% of their current body weight. Removing fat cells allows the skin to conform to the new shape of the area, creating a smoother and more desirable appearance. The procedure is intended to focus on target areas and is not considered a weight-loss surgery. 

Does Liposuction Provide Permanent Results?

The short answer is: Yes. Liposuction permanently removes the fat cells it targets, and new fat cells will not grow unless there is significant weight gain. The most common areas targeted by liposuction are:

  • Abdomen 
  • Flanks
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Male chest
  • Knees
  • Upper arms
  • Cheeks
  • Neck

How to Maintain Liposuction Results

Dr. Sanders suggests that a healthy diet and exercise can help you maintain your liposuction results. A generally healthy lifestyle and a good skin regime that promotes elasticity and moisturizing will also help maintain liposuction results. Your surgeon will discuss additional ways you can keep your liposuction results.

To learn more about liposuction and decide if it is the best option for your goals, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanders. He will provide all the information about liposuction and alternatives to help you reach your ideal look.