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Dark undereye circles are pesky flaws often attributed to fatigue. And while getting enough shut-eye is important, sleeping nine hours a night won’t make you immune to discoloration under the eyes. Here, LA plastic surgeon Dr. George Sanders, an authority in anti-aging and facial rejuvenation treatments, reveals the solutions that more effectively minimize darkness and brighten the area underneath the eyes.

At-Home Fixes for Dark Circles

Small lifestyle tweaks may help to reduce discoloration around the eyes. Try paying attention to the following habits:

Avoid drinking too much alcohol and consuming foods high in salt. These have a dehydrating effect, which makes eyes look puffy and emphasizes circles.

Wear sunscreen whenever you go outside. Sun exposure is dangerous to the thin skin underneath the eyes and can exacerbate discoloration.

Control allergies with an antihistamine and eye drops. The release of histamine during an allergic reaction causes swelling and broken blood vessels under the eyes. Rubbing your eyes can compound the problem and cause hyperpigmentation.

If these tips fail to reduce the discoloration, professional intervention may be needed. Treatment depends primarily on the cause and severity of the discoloration underneath the eyes.


Some undereye circles are due to facial fat loss; contour depressions in the tear troughs cast shadows that look like circles. In these cases, hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are a great non-surgical solution that delivers quick results. Products like Restylane can be injected in the tear troughs between the cheeks and under-eye area, adding volume and support. Fillers also help the lower eyelids look less sunken-in and shadowy.

In some cases, lower eyelid surgery can improve the situation. The tear trough can be released via an incision inside the lower eyelid and lower eyelid fat used to fill the trough.  This will improve the shadowing that can appear as a dark circle.

Laser Treatment

If the discoloration is blue, red or purple in hue, the problem may be noticeable blood vessels, made visible under skin that has thinned with age. A special vascular laser can be used to constrict the blood vessels so they are less conspicuous, reducing the discoloration.

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