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Dr. George H. Sanders

Tummy tuck is an appealing option to mothers that have cesarean sections and are disappointed by a flabby, saggy abdominal profile. To be both safe and successful, all plastic surgery procedures — including tummy tuck — require proper timing.

Every patient is unique and has her own set of circumstances, all of which Dr. George Sanders considers when making his treatment recommendations. However, there is a general set of guidelines for timing tummy tuck after C-section. Dr. Sanders shares what you should know in this post.

Allow Your Body Time to Rest and Recuperate

Your body needs time to rest and recuperate after pregnancy and childbirth. Recovering from tummy tuck and C-section at the same time, in addition to caring for a newborn, would be exhausting and risky.

Give yourself a few months of downtime to focus on healing (and nurturing your baby). Having adequate time to recover from C-section reduces your risk of tummy tuck complications and raises your chances of a smoother and more comfortable plastic surgery recovery.

Give Your Weight Time to Stabilize

Patients that are at, or close to, their goal weight at the time of surgery are more likely to be satisfied with the results. Ideally, you should postpone tummy tuck until you are within 10 or 15 pounds of your pre-baby weight. Don’t rush to lose the weight or follow any crash diets — focus on eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and slowly adding exercise into your routine when you feel ready.

Postpone Surgery If You’re Planning to Have More Children

If you think you may have more children in the future, it’s best to delay your tummy tuck. Women that ignore this advice often find it frustrating to commit the time and money to tummy tuck, only to discover future pregnancies reverse the effects of surgery. Plan tummy tuck for a time when you are relatively certain you will be done having children.

Stop Breastfeeding Prior to Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery involves anesthesia and other medications that may be problematic to nursing mothers. Just to be safe, it’s best to wait until you are finished breastfeeding to pursue tummy tuck.

Recruit Loved Ones to Help after Surgery

After tummy tuck, you should expect to spend the majority of your recovery resting in bed or on the couch. You will not be able to cook, clean, change diapers or lift anything heavy — including your babies. For these reasons, it is recommended that you plan to have round-the-clock help with chores and childcare during the period immediately following your tummy tuck surgery.

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