The Benefits of a Liposuction 

Liposuction can be an effective option for slimming down and sculpting your figure. Here are the benefits of choosing this plastic surgery procedure to help you achieve your cosmetic goals: 

  • Customized Contour – With liposuction, Dr. Sanders can customize your procedure and eliminate fat where you desire, whether it be the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms, or buttocks. 
  • Beautiful, Long-Lasting Results – When removing fat from the body with liposuction, the results are long-lasting, as long as you follow a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. 
  • Elevated Confidence – By contouring your body through liposuction, you will no doubt feel more confident and self-assured in your everyday life as you embrace your new figure. 
  • Less Invasive – Compared to other forms of plastic surgery procedures, liposuction is minimally invasive, as this treatment only requires small incisions for the safe removal of fat. 

It is Generally Ideal For 

  • Individuals who struggle to eliminate fat through diet and exercise alone. 
  • Individuals with stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to other methods of treatment. 
  • Individuals who are in good physical and mental health. 
  • Individuals who are within 30 percent of their desired weight. 
  • Individuals who have firm, elastic skin that will heal properly for optimal results. 
  • Individuals who have realistic expectations for the procedure outcome. 

It is Not So Great For 

  • Individuals who have a medical condition or illness, or medical history of certain conditions, that may put them at risk during the procedure. 
  • Individuals who are an unhealthy weight and are looking to liposuction as a means to shed a considerable amount of weight. 
  • Individuals that do not have good skin elasticity, as this may result in crepey or wrinkly-looking skin. 

How Old Do I Have to Be? 

The minimum age requirement for liposuction is 18 years old. There is no maximum age for the procedure, given Dr. Sanders deems you are healthy enough for the surgery.  

Before and After – Results 

If you are interested in seeing how liposuction can shape and contour your body, browse the before and after photos of real patients who visited Dr. Sanders for liposuction in the San Fernando Valley. 

Patient 2a Liposuction Before and After
Patient 2b Liposuction Before and After

The Procedure Process Explained

It is important to understand what the liposuction process looks like before moving forward with your procedure. Here is what you can expect regarding consultation, preparation, surgery, recovery, and long-term outlook. 

The Consultation 

The initial consultation is likely the most important step to achieving your desired results, as this is the opportunity to point out your trouble areas, express your main concerns, and share your overall vision for your body with Dr. Sanders. 

Furthermore, your initial consultation is an ideal opportunity to get to know Dr. Sanders and his team better and tour the surgical center where your procedure will take place. 

Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the liposuction surgery, this is the ideal time to ask them. Dr. Sanders follows a patient-centered approach and is here to ensure you feel confident moving forward with the procedure. 

What Should I Do in Preparation? 

In preparation for your liposuction procedure, Dr. Sanders recommends: 

  • Quit smoking and minimize alcohol in the weeks leading up to your surgery. 
  • Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 
  • Visit your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough for surgery. 
  • Avoid taking any blood thinners or anti-inflammatory medication and supplements. 

Before your procedure, Dr. Sanders will provide you with a more comprehensive preoperative preparation checklist to ensure you are ready for your liposuction surgery. 

What is Surgery Like? 

At his state-of-the-art practice in the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Sanders uses a specialized liposuction technique called micro-liposuction. This technique is minimally invasive and involves using tiny cannulas inserted through small incisions to permanently remove fat deposits. 

The procedure may be done under local or sedation anesthesia, depending on patient and doctor preference. With either, Dr. Sanders administers anesthesia to reduce any pain or discomfort you may experience during the procedure. He then uses the microcannulas to extract and remove the fat from your target areas. 

Overall, the surgery generally takes around one to several hours to complete, and you are able to return home afterward. 

What Should I Expect in Terms of Recovery? 

During your liposuction recovery, you can expect to see immediate results, although they will continue to improve in the weeks following your surgery. 

Furthermore, you can expect some downtime, which is important for allowing the body to heal appropriately. Dr. Sanders finds that most of his liposuction patients experience some bruising and swelling, as well as mild soreness. 

To minimize any swelling and encourage the right contour, Dr. Sanders will likely recommend you wear support garments for up to six weeks after your treatment. However, this will depend on Dr. Sanders’s personalized recommendations for you and your unique situation. 

How Long Will My Results Last? 

Generally, liposuction results are long-lasting. However, this may be influenced by several different factors, such as weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. To maintain optimal results, Dr. Sanders recommends following a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious diet and regular exercise. 

Meet Our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Sanders is a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon that has helped thousands of individuals of all ages, gender identities, and ethnicities achieve their aesthetic and cosmetic goals. 

With almost three decades of plastic surgery experience and an education background featuring some of the most prestigious medical organizations in the world, including Harvard Medical School and UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Sanders profoundly understands how to combine surgical precision and aesthetic artistry for beautiful, natural results. 

He is proud to serve patients throughout the San Fernando Valley and is passionate about helping them look and feel their best. 

Meet Dr. George Sanders

About Dr. Sanders

Liposuction FAQs

  • Are There Any Risks Involved?

    While the liposuction technique that Dr. Sanders uses is very safe and minimally invasive, there are still some risks associated with this procedure, though they are uncommon. These risks include bleeding, bruising, changes in skin sensation, fluid accumulation, poor wound healing, and anesthesia risks.

  • Will I Need to Request Extensive Time Off from Work?

    The liposuction technique that Dr. Sanders uses is minimally invasive and does not require major downtime or time off from work. While he recommends his patients take it easy for a few days, most return to work within a few days of the procedure.

  • Will I Have Scars After the Surgery?

    While you may have minimal scarring, one of the top benefits of micro-liposuction is that this technique uses significantly smaller incision sites for reduced scarring potential and a quicker recovery.

  • Does My Insurance Cover the Procedure?

    Generally, liposuction is not covered by insurance, as this type of procedure is not considered medically necessary. If you need assistance paying for the procedure, Dr. Sanders offers affordable monthly payment alternatives. Learn more about financing options.

  • Is Getting Liposuction Really Worth it?

    If you have stubborn fatty deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise alone, liposuction may be an effective option for helping you achieve your desired figure. Many of Dr. Sanders’ patients say this procedure is well worth it to look and feel their best.

You’re in Good Hands with Dr. Sanders

A Harvard Medical School-educated and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sanders performs a wide variety of plastic and reconstructive procedures in the San Fernando Valley. He draws on his thirty years of plastic surgery experience and aesthetic artistry skills to deliver remarkable results. 

Dr. Sanders is committed to helping his patients achieve their desired goals through personalized treatment plans and providing the highest care and service for an exceptional experience. If you are ready to look and feel your best, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanders today by calling (818) 981-3333.