The Benefits of Getting a Breast Revision 

From looking and feeling better in your body to restoring a more youthful appearance, there are several benefits to getting a breast revision with Dr. Sanders in the San Fernando Valley. These benefits include: 

  • Alleviate pain and discomfort due to capsular contracture, which occurs when the natural scar tissue around an implant shrinks. 
  • Attain a more natural look and feel, as breast implants can shift or drop lower after a breast augmentation. 
  • Restore fuller, more rounded breasts if they have begun to droop after a breast augmentation. 
  • Achieve a perkier, more youthful appearance if the breast tissue has stretched over time due to pregnancy or aging. 
  • Address any unwanted rippling and achieve more balanced, symmetrical breasts with a strategic fat transfer. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Revision?

In many cases, it can be hard to decide if this procedure will help you address your concerns and achieve your aesthetic goals. To help you determine if a breast revision is right for you, take a look at our short guide below. 

A Breast Revision is Great for You If You Want to:

  • Change the shape, size, or position of your breasts after a breast augmentation. 
  • Switch the type of your breast implant, such as from saline to silicone. 
  • Add fullness to your breasts for a more youthful appearance. 
  • Correct an implant-related issue, such as capsular contraction or implant leakage. 
  • Address lost shape or fullness after pregnancy or breastfeeding. 
  • Fix disproportionate sizing or breast implant asymmetry. 
  • Correct abnormal development after a breast augmentation. 

Types of Breast Revision

Breast Augmentation for Micromastia or Hypomastia

Micromastia, also referred to as hypomastia, breast aplasia, breast hypoplasia, or mammary hypoplasia, occurs when an individual’s breasts do not develop correctly, resulting in abnormally small breasts. Breast augmentation can address this by enlarging the breasts with implants, adding volume, and contributing to a more balanced figure. 

Symmastia Repair 

Drawing on his years of experience and using the latest breast revision techniques, Dr. Sanders can repair and address symmastia to help patients achieve more defined, rounded breasts. 

This procedure involves expanding the breast implant pockets to reposition the implants, sealing a section of the pockets that are too centrally located over the sternum, and reconnecting the overlying skin and muscle between the implants to ensure they do not rest too close to one another. It may also involve removing additional fat between the breasts for more defined separation. 

Capsulectomy Repair

After getting breast implants, the body naturally begins to build scar tissue around the implants, forming what’s called a capsule. However, this scar tissue can become too thick and squeeze the implant, distorting its shape. 

To address this, Dr. Sanders can perform a capsulectomy repair, which involves removing the capsule tissue. He may also suggest removing the implant and replacing it with a new one for a renewed appearance. 

What Are the Differences Between Breast Revision and Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast revision surgery involves changing the appearance of a breast that already has an implant in place. The scar tissue that surrounds the implant or the skin of the breast may be modified, and the revision operation will often involve changing the breast implant. On the other hand, breast augmentation surgery involves placing artificial breast implants in order to enhance size, shape, position, or fullness. 

In many cases, individuals will get a breast revision to correct an issue caused by a previous breast augmentation surgery or restore the results they achieved with breast augmentation that have diminished with time, such as loss of volume or shape. 

Taking the First Steps

Once you have made the decision to move forward with your breast revision surgery in the San Fernando Valley, the first step is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sanders. This is a great opportunity to get to know Dr. Sanders and his team, visit the practice, better understand the procedure and its risks, and ask any questions you may have about the surgery or recovery process. 

Additionally, during your consultation, Dr. Sanders will perform an evaluation of your breasts and ask about your main concerns to get a better idea of your aesthetic goals and what you would like to achieve with breast revision surgery.

Meet Our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Sanders is a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon that has helped thousands of individuals of all ages, gender identities, and ethnicities achieve their aesthetic and cosmetic goals. 

With almost three decades of plastic surgery experience and an education background featuring some of the most prestigious medical organizations in the world, including Harvard Medical School and UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Sanders profoundly understands how to combine surgical precision and aesthetic artistry for beautiful, natural results. 

He is proud to serve patients throughout the San Fernando Valley and is passionate about helping them look and feel their best.

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The Breast Revision Process Explained

Each breast revision surgery is unique, as each procedure is based on the individual’s specific aesthetic goals and treatment plan. For instance, a breast revision for symmastia will look different than a breast revision correcting capsular contracture. 

However, for most breast revisions, Dr. Sanders performs your procedure while you are under deep sedation or general anesthesia, which ensures you are comfortable during the surgery. Based on your individual treatment plan, he may use a few different surgical techniques to address your concerns and deliver an ideal aesthetic outcome. 

Once Dr. Sanders has completed your breast revision, he will close up any incisions. Then, you will wake up in our comfortable recovery room and be sent home the same day as your surgery, as most breast revision surgeries are outpatient procedures.

Recovery And Aftercare 

After your breast revision surgery, it is important to follow Dr. Sanders’ recovery and aftercare plan. For most breast revisions, Dr. Sanders recommends his patients take at least one week off from work and other daily activities, including strenuous exercising, to prioritize healing and recovery. If your job is physically demanding, it may be beneficial to take a bit more time off to give your body the rest it needs. 

Furthermore, during this time, you may experience swelling and tenderness. Dr. Sanders may recommend you take OTC pain medication to alleviate any discomfort. 

Depending on the extent of your surgery, you may require a support garment or drainage tubes. Dr. Sanders will discuss this possibility with you before your surgery and provide specific aftercare instructions if this is the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Breasts Do Not Look Alike After an Augmentation. Can Breast Revision Correct Breast Asymmetry?

    This is one of the most common reasons women come to Dr. Sanders for breast revision surgery in the San Fernando Valley. Dr. Sanders is exceptionally skilled at correcting breast asymmetry with breast revision, and can help you achieve a more balanced appearance by strategically reshaping the breasts.

  • Months After My Augmentation, My Breasts No Longer Look or Feel Natural. Why Did This Happen?

    Generally, there is an adjustment period after breast augmentation where the breast implants drop into a more natural position and round out on the sides. This adjustment period is called the “drop and fluff” process, which can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to complete.

    However, if after six months, your breast implants are still not looking right, it may be time to visit an experienced plastic surgeon for a breast revision consultation.

  • What Is Capsular Contracture? Can Breast Revision Resolve This Condition?

    Capsular contracture occurs when the natural scar tissue around a breast implant tightens around the implant, often causing discomfort and a distorted appearance. Dr. Sanders can address this issue during a breast revision by gently removing the scar tissue. Additionally, he may recommend removing the breast implant and replacing it with a new one.

  • Should My Breast Revision Include a Breast Lift?

    Whether or not your breast revision includes a breast lift depends on your unique aesthetic goals. If you are concerned about a drooping appearance or your breasts have stretched over time due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging, it may be worth discussing a breast lift at your consultation with Dr. Sanders to achieve a more youthful, lifted look.

  • Are There Any Risks Involved?

    As with any other plastic surgery procedure, there are a few risks associated with breast revision. The risks include but are not limited to anesthesia complications, bleeding, infection, numbness or other changes in sensation, asymmetry, scarring, and skin discoloration. 

    It is possible to mitigate these risks by visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Sanders, who deeply understands this procedure and has years of experience performing breast revisions.

  • How Long Do the Results Last?

    As long as you avoid significant weight gain or loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the results of a breast revision are long-lasting. However, it is important to note that there are some cases in which your breast implants may need to be replaced. Gravity, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and other factors can impact the results of your breast revision.

You’re in Good Hands with Dr. Sanders

A Harvard Medical School-educated and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sanders performs a wide variety of plastic and reconstructive procedures in the San Fernando Valley. He draws on his thirty years of plastic surgery experience and aesthetic artistry skills to deliver remarkable results. 

Dr. Sanders is committed to helping his patients achieve their desired goals through personalized treatment plans and providing the highest care and service for an exceptional experience. If you are ready to look and feel your best, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanders today by calling (818) 981-3333.