The Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift 

Are you ready to experience the benefits of getting a breast lift for yourself? These exceptional benefits include: 

  • Attaining a livelier, more youthful appearance. 
  • Removing excess skin and tissue for firmer, tighter breasts. 
  • Repositioning the nipple for a more natural, forward projection. 
  • Restoring a more rounded, supple breast shape. 
  • Reducing irritation under the breast by removing excess skin. 
  • Feeling more confident and self-assured in your body. 
  • Loving the look of your elevated breasts in clothes and swimsuits.  
  • Feeling more comfortable in intimate moments with younger-looking breasts. 
  • Enjoying a better quality of life with more comfortable, elevated breasts. 

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Am I a Good Candidate For a Breast Lift?

If you are considering a breast lift in the San Fernando Valley, it is important to determine if this procedure is right for you and your cosmetic goals. Dr. Sanders may recommend a breast lift for you if: 

  • You are in good overall physical and mental health. 
  • You are at a healthy weight. 
  • You have realistic expectations for the procedure results. 
  • You have sagging or drooping breasts. 
  • Your breasts have lost their natural shape and roundness. 
  • Your nipples are positioned below the breast fold. 
  • Your nipples are irregularly positioned and point downwards. 
  • Your areolas have stretched and become enlarged. 
  • Your breast tissue has stretched, resulting in flat, elongated breasts. 
  • Your breasts are mismatched, with one falling lower than the other. 

Real Patient Results 

Do you want to see before and after breast lift photos from real patients? Browse the photo gallery below to visualize how Dr. Sanders can artistically shape and elevate your breasts with a professional breast lift.


Breast Lift Procedure Process Explained 

Also known as a mastopexy, a breast lift procedure involves elevating and reshaping the breasts and repositioning the nipples by removing excess, stretched out skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. 

During the procedure, Dr. Sanders first administers anesthesia and then makes an incision, typically around the areola. Next, he removes the skin and repositions the tissue to deliver more lifted and rounded breasts. 

The Consultation 

Your consultation with Dr. Sanders is the first step in achieving beautiful breast lift results. During your consultation, Dr. Sanders will examine your breasts and ask questions to learn more about your unique needs and cosmetic goals. With this information, he will build you a customized procedure and treatment plan. 

Additionally, your consultation is the best opportunity to get to know Dr. Sanders and ask questions or address any concerns you may have regarding your breast lift surgery. 

Meet Our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Sanders is a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon that has helped thousands of individuals of all ages, gender identities, and ethnicities achieve their aesthetic and cosmetic goals. 

With almost three decades of plastic surgery experience and an education background featuring some of the most prestigious medical organizations in the world, including Harvard Medical School and UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Sanders profoundly understands how to combine surgical precision and aesthetic artistry for beautiful, natural results. 

He is proud to serve patients throughout the San Fernando Valley and is passionate about helping them look and feel their best.

Meet Dr. George Sanders

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Breast Lift FAQ

  • What Should I Do in Preparation?

    In preparation for your breast lift procedure, Dr. Sanders recommends the following: 

    • Schedule a full body checkup with your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough for surgery. 
    • Stop smoking and minimize alcohol intake, which can affect your healing and recovery. 
    • Arrange for someone to pick you up after the procedure and have someone stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. 
    • Plan to take some time off from work for your recovery. 
    • Arrange for childcare, if necessary. 
    • Stock up on groceries for a smooth recovery period. 
    • Do not take blood-thinning medication (i.e., Ibuprofen or Aspirin) before your surgery. 
  • How Long Does the Procedure Take?

    This depends on your unique treatment plan, as each breast lift surgery can look a little different based on the patient’s needs and cosmetic goals. However, in many cases, a breast lift procedure with Dr. Sanders takes around two to three hours to complete. 

    During your initial consultation, Dr. Sanders can provide a rough estimate of how long your individual breast lift procedure will take.

  • What Kind of Recovery Process Can I Expect?

    After your breast lift surgery in the San Fernando Valley, you can expect to feel slightly uncomfortable for a few days with swelling, bruising, tenderness, and tightness. Swelling typically subsides within two to three weeks following the procedure. To minimize your discomfort, Dr. Sanders may prescribe you some pain medication. 

    Additionally, Dr. Sanders will likely recommend you wear a support bra for the first two weeks after your surgery. After one week of recovery, Dr. Sanders may clear you for light physical activity, such as walking, and for going back to work. 

    After six weeks, your breasts should settle into their final position, and scarring should significantly improve. This is the time to enjoy and show off your results! 

  • Will I Have Scars from the Procedure?

    You will likely have minimal scarring where your incisions were. However, thanks to Dr. Sanders’ exceptional skill and experience, as well as the innovative breast lift techniques he uses, your incisions and scarring should be small. Furthermore, your scars will fade and become less visible over time as your skin continues to heal after the procedure.

  • Are There Any Risks Involved?

    There are a few risks associated with breast lift surgery, including scarring, changes in nipple or breast sensation, asymmetrical breasts, loss of blood supply to the nipple or areola, bleeding, and anesthesia risks. 

    However, these risks are uncommon, especially when visiting a highly-experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sanders, who has the skills necessary to perform this procedure for optimal results. 

  • How Long Do the Results Last?

    The results of a breast lift are long lasting but may be impacted by several different things, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness (i.e., breast cancer), aging, weight loss, and weight gain. To maintain and improve their breast lift results, some women choose to get regular “touch up” procedures, which can be discussed at your initial consultation with Dr. Sanders. 

    Dr. Sanders also recommends following a healthy lifestyle—including a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise—to maintain a stable weight.

  • Should I Combine My Breast Lift with Augmentation?

    A breast lift alters the shape of your breast and brings them up higher on the chest wall. Breast augmentation, on the other hand, modifies the size of your breasts by increasing the volume. It can be beneficial to have both procedures done at once, which can minimize scarring, reduce recovery time, and decrease overall cost.

  • Is it Really Worth It?

    For many women, the results of a breast lift are life changing. After restoring their breast shape, elevating the breasts, and adjusting the nipple to a more natural position, they feel more confident and more love towards their body, which positively impacts their overall quality of life.

You’re in Good Hands with Dr. Sanders

A Harvard Medical School-educated and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sanders performs a wide variety of plastic and reconstructive procedures in the San Fernando Valley. He draws on his thirty years of plastic surgery experience and aesthetic artistry skills to deliver remarkable results. 

Dr. Sanders is committed to helping his patients achieve their desired goals through personalized treatment plans and providing the highest care and service for an exceptional experience. If you are ready to look and feel your best, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanders today by calling (818) 981-3333.