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Dr. George H. Sanders

body contouringPersistent fat deposits, unusual bulges, or pockets that resist your diet and exercise efforts can affect your self-esteem and overall life experience. Various factors, such as genetics, medical conditions, or life changes like pregnancy, often lead people to consider body contouring. While it’s a popular plastic surgery procedure to address these concerns, it isn’t the only solution. Dr. Sanders is available for individual consultations, but before scheduling one, here are some key benefits and drawbacks of body contouring to help guide you on any additional questions you may want to ask him.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring, or body sculpting, is a cosmetic procedure that eliminates excess fat and skin to reshape the area for a more natural look.

The Pros and Cons of Body Contouring

Like all medical procedures, body contouring has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it can be beneficial to have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure before your initial consultation.

Pros of Body Contouring

Targeted Approach

A considerable benefit of body contouring is its ability to target specific areas precisely. Procedures like thigh lifts address irregularities or reduce cellulite appearance in the thighs, while arm lifts primarily deal with loose or sagging skin on the arm. Liposuction targets various body parts, from the stomach and hips to cheeks and male chest, and can be paired with other procedures for enhanced toning and tightening.

Noticeable Results

Body contouring procedures typically deliver noticeable results promptly; in some cases, improvements continue to manifest over several months. For instance, liposuction results can be permanent with the right diet and lifestyle.

Boost in Self-Confidence

Body contouring is a highly effective method to achieve your desired look. Whether you’re a new mother longing for your pre-pregnancy figure, someone who has lost significant weight looking to enhance body tone, or want to eliminate stubborn fat pockets, body contouring can boost your confidence immensely.

Improved Body Contour 

Body contouring can help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy bodies through “Mommy Makeovers,” which typically include a tummy tuck and breast procedure. These procedures are tailor-made to address your specific concerns.

Cons of Body Contouring

Not a Substitute for Weight Loss 

Body contouring is not intended for weight loss. While body contouring can remove some fat, it won’t remove large amounts of fat. Body sculpting yields the best results in those individuals close to their ideal body weight.

Surgical Risks 

Like all surgeries, body contouring comes with risks such as infection, scarring, reaction to anesthesia, and bleeding. However, these risks can be minimized by selecting a highly experienced, knowledgeable, and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sanders.

Recovery Time 

While some body-contouring procedures are quick with minimal downtime, other surgeries can last six hours or more and require a more extended recovery period. Note that this recovery time is part of an investment in your appearance, self-confidence, and, ultimately, quality of life. 

Cost Considerations 

While it’s undeniable that body contouring is an investment, it’s essential to remember that this procedure is an investment in yourself, your confidence, and your well-being. Our practice offers CareCredit® flexible financing to help make your desired change more affordable.

Evaluating the Benefits and Drawbacks of Body Sculpting

Body contouring opens up a world of possibilities for you if you’re seeking to enhance your body shape, tone, and confidence levels. Whether your goal is a more sculpted figure, refined tone after substantial weight loss, or returning to your pre-pregnancy body, body contouring can be a truly transformative experience. By understanding the benefits and drawbacks of body sculpting, you can have a more informed discussion with Dr. Sanders, supporting your decision-making process. Discover more about body contouring and the available procedures in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Schedule an online consultation with Dr. Sanders today, or call (818) 873-2693 for a step towards your transformation.