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Dr. George H. Sanders

Female with black and white outfit looking at the cameraIdeally, patients should have their silicone implants replaced as soon as they realize they are leaking. The problem is that many San Fernando Valley can go months without even knowing their silicone implants have ruptured. This is because silicone is thick and does not absorb into the body, so the gel often stays in relatively the same position as the implant. Signs that a silicone implant has leaked include:

  • Numbness or burning in the breast
  • Decreased breast size
  • Hard balls or knots in the breast
  • Breasts that appear uneven
  • Tenderness or pain
  • Tingling, swelling, or other changes in sensation

Silicone implants do not last forever (the average duration is 10 to 15 years), so it’s inevitable that a San Fernando Valley woman will eventually experience signs of leaking.

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George Sanders, M.D.