Can Implants Make My Breasts Look Perkier?

Breast augmentation surgery enables women to achieve the shape and contour they always wanted. A variety of implants and surgical techniques can help women look and feel their best by restoring fullness and volume to their breasts. Many women who seek bigger breasts are bothered by breast sag and wonder if implants can also make… Continue reading

Does Breast Implant Removal Require Breast Lift?

The overwhelming majority of Dr. George Sanders’ breast augmentation patients love their results and happily enjoy their implants for many years. However, the doctor does see the occasional patient who wants her breast implants removed (a.k.a., “explanted”). These are either patients whose own breast tissue has increased significantly since surgery or patients with intractable hardness… Continue reading

How We Are Recognizing National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month is a campaign that takes place during August to promote awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding. It originated in 2011 with the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC), whose goal is to protect, promote and support breastfeeding. The USBC believes breast milk is the most appropriate source of nutrition for infants. This… Continue reading

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