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Dr. George SandersMale plastic surgery believes that everyone —male and female — wants to look and feel their best. He understands that men can suffer low self-confidence because of a physical feature just as much as women can. Traditionally, plastic surgery has been thought of as strictly for women, but the truth is that plastic surgery has a lot to offer men as well. The right procedure can help a man achieve his ideal aesthetic and feel more confident at work and in his personal life.

Dr. Sanders offers the following plastic surgery options for men at his Los Angeles-area practice:

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a medical condition in which male breasts are excessively large or even feminine in appearance. Men that suffer from gynecomastia can feel socially withdrawn, anxious or even depressed because of the way their body looks. Male breast reduction surgery is designed to eliminate excess tissue and fat to create a flatter and firmer chest contour. For many men, restoring a classically masculine shaped chest is a great way to boost self-esteem.


The chiseled, muscular aesthetic is appealing to many men. Although diet and exercise cannot spot-tone a specific area of the body, liposuction can help. By removing targeted pockets of unwanted fat, liposuction creates a slimmer and more defined physique. It can be used on the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, back, upper arms, neck and chin.


An expertly performed facelift can take years off a man’s appearance by smoothing wrinkles and facial folds, elevating sagging skin and refining facial contours. Incorporating a facial implant or dermal fillers into the facelift procedure can amplify the results by making a weak jaw line look more masculine and prominent. The key to a great facelift is selecting a surgeon that understands the nuances of the male face, including how to work with thicker skin and facial hair patterns. Most men want a very natural look, so this needs to be something the plastic surgeon understands and can achieve.

If only a neck improvement is desired, then a necklift is appropriate. Not every man, however, wants to have scars around his ears or spend two weeks recovering from a necklift. There is also the option of a direct excision necklift that allows for a direct excision of the excess neck skin via a scar running up and down beneath the chin

Eyelid Lift

Another facial rejuvenation procedure, eyelid lift is designed to improve the appearance of eyelids that look fatigued, angry or sad. Eyelid lift can be performed on droopy upper eyelids, baggy lower eyelids or both. The procedure involves removing excess skin and fat and tightening the remaining skin for firmer and more youthful looking lids. Sometimes fat is added to a hollowed out eyelid or to the adjacent cheek to build up a flattened area and allow a smoother transition to the eyelid area. Eyelid lift and facelift can be combined for a comprehensive facial transformation.

Forehead Lift

For many men, lifting the upper eyelids is not enough. There may be significant drooping of the eyebrows that needs to be addressed as well. Although Botox injections can lift the outer part of the brow to some degree, the addition of a brow lift is preferred by some men to achieve a more permanent and/or greater degree of lifting. For many men, a receding hairline makes it difficult to conceal the scars required. An excellent alternative is a direct excision browlift where the incision is hidden just above the eyebrow.


Some men spend years worrying about the appearance of their nose, feeling pre-occupied that it doesn’t “fit” with the rest of their facial features. The goal of rhinoplasty surgery is to subtly tweak the size, shape or structures of the nose and create harmony with other facial features. Having an attractive and proportional nose can be the key to feeling happy and confident.

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