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Video: Fraxel Laser Therapy in Los Angeles

Dr. George Sanders talks about the fraxel laser therapy procedure which is offered to his patients in Encino and Los Angeles.

Dr. George Sanders is proud to offer patients a variety of minimally invasive yet highly effective facial rejuvenation treatments. His elegantly appointed cosmetic surgery Los Angeles facility features some of the latest laser technologies that Dr. Sanders uses to help patients achieve glowing, youthful skin. He is regarded as one of the most experienced LA laser skin resurfacing experts, and his reputation for excellence attracts numerous laser skin rejuvenation patients from Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Encino every year. Please peruse the paragraphs below to learn more about the state-of-the-art laser technologies employed by Dr. Sanders and the remarkable aesthetic results they help achieve.

Erbium Laser for Gentle Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Sanders is proud to offer patients seeking gentle-yet-powerful facial rejuvenation the advanced Sciton Erbium laser skin resurfacing procedure. This treatment removes subtle to moderate lines and wrinkles, as well as reduces large pores, acne scars and brown spots. When performing Erbium laser skin resurfacing, Dr. Sanders administers anesthesia and then treats the desired areas. This process removes the outer layers of skin, stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin. The advanced technology of the Erbium laser significantly reduces heating and burning associated with many other laser skin resurfacing procedures. As a result, laser skin resurfacing patients experience less redness and swelling, which promotes faster recovery. In fact, most patients who undergo Erbium laser skin resurfacing treatments can resume their normal activities within 7-10 days of treatment.

If you would like to view results from our previous patients, visit our laser skin resurfacing before and after photo gallery.

Fraxel Laser for Skin Rejuvenation

The latest advances in laser technologies allow Dr. Sanders to offer patients sophisticated treatments that revitalize skin with minimal discomfort and/or downtime, such as Fraxel laser skin rejuvenation. This procedure uses a special Fraxel laser to stimulate the natural growth and healing processes of the skin. When performing Fraxel skin rejuvenation treatment, Dr. Sanders moves the Fraxel laser over a patient’s skin, treating a fraction of the skin at a time. The Fraxel laser produces thousands of microscopic skin incisions, stimulating repair and regeneration of cells. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed, brown spots are lightened and acne scars are erased. Because of the gentle nature of this treatment, Los Angeles Fraxel laser skin resurfacing patients experience very little discomfort and can resume all of their activities within a few days of the procedure.

Dr. Sanders has many years’ experience performing a variety of surgical and non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. He is renowned in the Los Angeles area as a highly skilled facial injectable specialist. In addition, many patients seek him out for chemical peels and other facial rejuvenation treatments. If you would like to learn more about these and other minimally invasive rejuvenation procedures offered by Dr. George Sanders, please explore the respective pages.

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If you are looking for gentle yet effective laser skin resurfacing in Encino and the surrounding area, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Sanders’ medical spa. SILK, A Medical Spa, is an elegant boutique med spa designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. Contact the team at SILK by calling (818) 981-8888. To learn more about the surgical cosmetic procedures Dr. Sanders performs, please contact his private practice by calling (818) 981-3333.

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