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Dr. George H. Sanders

Healthy Foods?Certain foods have a reputation for being healthy, but upon closer inspection tell a different story. If you count calories and watch your diet but aren’t losing weight, a so-called “healthy” food may be sabotaging your efforts!

Here, Dr. George Sanders reveals healthy foods that aren’t actually so healthy and suggests some smarter alternatives.


Many people assume that any type of salad must be healthy. And yes, a salad with fresh vegetables, lean protein and a light dressing is perfectly healthy. On the other hand, prepared salads like tuna or chicken salad are often loaded with calories and hidden fats, thanks to the mayonnaise. Also, salad entrees from restaurants are often prepared with high-calorie “extras,” like bacon bits, croutons and sugary dressing. If you order a salad at the restaurant, ask for the dressing on the side and only use half; you can also request that certain toppings be left off your meal.


The basic premise of a smoothie is great: fruits, vegetables and a low-fat dairy mixer. However, premade or store-bought smoothies tend to have high calorie counts (as many as 650 to 1,000 calories in one serving!) and added simple sugars and syrups. If you crave a smoothie, make your own to control the ingredients and the portion size.

Energy Bars

Energy (or protein) bars are a tempting snack — easy enough to eat on the go, filling and tasty. However, many are packed with high fructose corn syrup, sugar and saturated fat. Some protein bars are also high in calories, making them more of a mini meal than a snack. There are a few energy bar brands that do offer nutritional value and are low in calories. If you absolutely must reach for an energy bar, look for Clif Bars or Luna Bars.


Sushi is a popular choice among dieters that occasionally want to enjoy a meal out. But think about the proportions of sushi — it’s a tiny bite of fish surrounded by lots of white rice, often smothered in a creamy sauce. In fact, sushi isn’t so healthy! Make a smart swap by enjoying sashimi (plain fish) with a side of edamame. If possible, ask the sushi chef to roll regular sushi in cucumber instead of white rice.

Frozen Meals

Think again before sitting down to a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones during your lunch hour. Frozen meals may seem healthy because they are low in calories, but they are also low in nutrients. In addition, frozen meals are loaded with sodium. Instead of packing a frozen meal for a workday lunch, wrap up dinner’s leftovers. Or, bring ingredients to throw together a quick salad.

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