Dr. George Sanders has dedicated his surgical career to helping all of his patients realize their goals. In order to serve the diverse needs of his patients, Dr. Sanders offers an extensive range of procedures for the breast, body and face. He has many years’ experience performing chin surgery and is regarded as one of the leading LA chin surgery specialists. Please explore the paragraphs below to learn more about this treatment and the results it helps achieve.

Chin Surgery in Los Angeles: Is It for Me?

Dr. Sanders performs chin surgery for patients who desire to either augment or reduce the chin. By altering the shape and size of the chin, he can change the symmetry of the whole face. For example, a small chin often makes the nose appear larger. By enhancing the chin, not only the jaw line appears more contoured, but the nose also might appear smaller.

Dr. Sanders conducts thorough consultations with each one of his chin surgery LA patients in order to develop a highly individualized treatment plan. He takes into account the patient’s health history, bone structure, skin condition and aesthetic desires in order to choose the most suitable surgical techniques. This approach allows Dr. Sanders to perform customized treatments that result in remarkable aesthetic transformations.

Get a face and body that matches the ultimate vision of yourself.

Do you ever look in the mirror in disappointment, realizing that the face staring back at you does not match the image in your head? If you fall short of your own self-image, we invite you to consider aesthetic interventions, ranging from breast augmentation to facelifts to tummy tucks. Get the face and body you have always dreamed of, and step into a more youthful, more confident version of yourself. Request a virtual consultation with Dr. Sanders.
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If you would like to change the shape and/or size of your chin, please use our contact page to schedule a one-on-one consultation with the highly experienced Los Angeles chin surgery specialist, Dr. George Sanders.

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