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Dr. George H. Sanders

There is no denying that plastic surgery can change a person’s life in very meaningful ways. From the mother that feels self-conscious of her post-baby belly, to the man that feels insecure about an abnormally large nose, plastic surgery is not just about changing outward appearance. It is about lighting someone up from within. Dr. George Sanders, a board certified plastic surgeon serving the Los Angeles area, explains more in this post.

Improved Self-Image and Confidence

The physical transformation is certainly a rewarding part of the plastic surgery journey. But what’s even more rewarding is when a patient starts to love their appearance because of the improvements made during surgery. Dr. Sanders enjoys when patients return for follow-up visits with a more positive, confident demeanor. It is very worthwhile for him to watch a patient blossom after their plastic surgery.

Renewed Energy and Enthusiasm for Life

When a patient loves the way they look, they may experience renewed energy and enthusiasm for life. Other aspects of their lives, such as relationships and careers, can change in meaningful and positive ways. Some patients find the energy to pursue new romantic prospects, or to apply for new jobs or promotions. Others discover they not only look younger in the face or body, but also feel younger and more virile.

Expectations Matter

When discussing the ways that plastic surgery can improve lives, Dr. Sanders wants to emphasize that patients’ expectations matter. Studies show that patients with unreasonable expectations of plastic surgery are more likely to be unhappy with the physical outcomes (and thus miss out on internal improvements like greater confidence and energy).

Dr. Sanders spends a good portion of the consultative process explaining to patients what is realistic to expect from surgery. He also takes the time to evaluate every candidate’s motivations. Someone that wants to have surgery to look like a celebrity or please a family member or significant other usually does not make for a satisfied patient. Dr. Sanders generally will not recommend moving forward with treatment in these cases.

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