Not infrequently patients will ask if they are too old to have plastic surgery? The reality is that there are “old patients” who are young in years – they may have health problems even in their 20’s that preclude surgery. On the other hand there are “young patients” who are older in age according to their years – their health is excellent and they have an active lifestyle even though they may be in their 80’s or 90’s. If you are “young” in spirit and in reasonable health, there is usually no reason why you can’t have plastic surgery regardless of your age. In fact, in 2010 plastic surgery was done in the U.S.A. on 85,000 people over the age of 65! I recall one woman in her 90’s who was in good health and with a very active lifestyle, spending time working on her home remodel and other activities. She had a MACS-Lift and was tickled pink with her good looks afterwards! Another woman in her late 70’s underwent breast augmentation. Several months after surgery we received her wedding invitation!!

Even for those who may not be in the best of health, we can almost always do something to improve appearance, even if involves some type of less invasive procedure. Injectables such as Juvederm or Sculptra, non-surgical skin-tightening involving treatments such as Thermage, and less involved procedures under local anesthesia – like a MACS-Lift – are some of the options to consider.

Poor health may be a contraindication to plastic surgery. The anesthetic may be unsafe and there will be an increased risk of surgical complications. In addition there may be certain medications that the patient is taking that cannot be stopped and that may make safe surgery impossible. An example would be certain types of blood-thinners such as Plavix that are required after cardiac stent placement. Fortunately many people enjoy reasonably good health well into their 90’s making plastic surgery an attractive possibility. Before undergoing surgery, though, all patients over the age of 55 are asked to obtain medical clearance.

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