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Dr. Sanders is proud of his reputation as one of the leading Los Angeles eyelid surgery specialists – the result of numerous personal referrals from highly satisfied patients. He is renowned throughout the greater Los Angeles area, including San Fernando Valley and Encino, as a compassionate plastic surgeon who treats each patient seeking blepharoplasty in LA with the highest respect and empathy. This approach allows Dr. Sanders to consistently deliver beautiful, natural-looking results for all of his patients. Please explore the paragraphs below to learn more about eyelid surgery in Encino / LA and the remarkable results it helps achieve.

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Eyelid Surgery: Am I a Candidate?

Eyes are often regarded as the mirror of the soul. Sparkling, energetic eyes convey an image of a friendly personality, while constantly tired-looking eyes can create an image of a melancholic, withdrawn individual. Although the appearance of the eyes is largely determined by mood and emotions, genetic factors and the process of aging also play an important role. Thus, many people in their 40s and 50s notice that their eyes have lost their youthful spark due to wrinkles, as well as excess skin, fat and/or muscle on the upper and lower eyelids. While drooping eyelids used to be an unfortunate part of getting older, today men and women can restore their youthful eye appearance by undergoing eyelid surgery in Los Angeles.

Eyelid Surgery Procedure

When performing eyelid surgery, Dr. Sanders usually administers sedation anesthesia, which means that the patient is relaxed and awake, yet comfortably numb. Depending on the facial characteristics and aesthetic desires of each patient, Dr. Sanders creates small incisions in the creases of the upper eyelids and usually inside the lower eyelid. He then carefully removes the excess skin, fat and muscle and gently repositions the skin back into place. After blepharoplasty, patients experience some bruising and swelling that subsides within a week. Most of eyelid surgery LA patients fully recover within four weeks.

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Dr. George Sanders is a talented cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles and Encino patients seek out for advanced treatments for the breast, body and face. Some of the facial procedures patients request more often include chin surgery, facial implants surgery and rhinoplasty surgery. Other patients Dr. Sanders treats more often include individuals seeking brow lifts and facelifts. Please visit the respective pages to learn more about these and other treatments offered by Dr. Sanders.

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