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Dr. George H. Sanders

The time is now!Are you thinking about having cosmetic surgery, but are uncertain when to schedule your procedure?

The time is now!

Traditionally, winter is a very popular time to have cosmetic surgery. Every year, plastic surgeons are inundated between the months of January and April with patients seeking procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tuck and facelift.

Here, Dr. George Sanders, a trusted plastic surgeon serving the Los Angeles area, shares a few reasons why.

Start the Year off Right

After a busy holiday season taking care of everyone around you, it’s time to treat yourself! Embrace the beginning of the year with cosmetic enhancement, and imagine how much more self-confident you’ll feel afterward. For the right candidates, cosmetic surgery can lead to a happier and more satisfying year.

Results Are Not Immediate

While you will notice improvement in the treated area right after surgery, it takes time to completely heal and for your full results to appear. If you plan to show off your breast enhancement or body contouring results in a bathing suit this summer, you need to schedule surgery a few months ahead of time. January or February would be a great time to book an informational consultation with Dr. Sanders and discuss your aesthetic goals!

Time to Relax

As you recover from surgery, you must prioritize your body and healing. Exerting too much energy too soon after surgery could cause a post-operative complication (e.g., bleeding, a torn stitch), or even affect your results. It’s easier to concentrate on yourself when the children are in school for a good portion of the day. A calm and quiet house is more conducive to recovery!

Bandages Can Be Hidden

After surgery, you probably do not want to draw attention to your bandages and support garments. Luckily, the cooler winter temperatures can work in your favor, as it is much easier to conceal bandages underneath a jacket or pants. No need to worry about anyone noticing a bandage when you go back to work or out to run errands.

And, although we enjoy a mild climate year-round in Southern California, we naturally tend to spend more time indoors during the winter months. This makes it easier to “hibernate” guilt-free at home, as your body heals.

Schedule a Consultation

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