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Meet Dr. George Sanders, MD

  • Certified by the American Board of Surgery
  • Over 10,000 procedures performed
  • Educated & trained at the Rice University & Harvard Medical School
  • Named Top Doctor by New Beauty magazine
  • Expert in face, body, and breast procedures
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Effectively Remove Years of Aging From Your Face

While facelift does not stop the aging process, it “turns back the clock” by about 10 years. Patients can enjoy their facelift results for many years, especially if they take good care of themselves by maintaining their weight, avoiding sun exposure and following a sound skin care routine. Some patients opt to repeat the procedure after 10 years to stay ahead of the curve.

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How Much Does A Facelift Cost?

The price of a facelift varies based on the needs and aesthetic desires of the patient. During your consultation with Dr. Sanders, he will provide you with a price estimate that is based on these individual factors. At that time, you may also wish to ask Dr. Sanders about the financing options that he offers, which create an affordable monthly payment method with low to zero interest.

Is Facelift Surgery Painful?

Botox injections are another way to reduce wrinkles around the forehead and the outer corners of the eye, but the results are temporary. Laser skin resurfacing treatments can subtly reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin to minimize drooping, but the results are not as transformative as facelift results.

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The “Natural” Facelift

We all suffer from the consequences of age. But today, more women and men are discovering that by repositioning drooping fat, removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles and re-draping skin, they can receive rejuvenating effects. For some, a facelift procedure may provide the solution. But how do you avoid a “plastic,” pulled look that lets the world know you’ve had a procedure? The skill and artistry of Dr. Sanders can enable patients to appear years younger and recapture their youth with an improvement that appears natural.

Dr. Sanders explains how a facelift can help you!

Recovering from Facelift Surgery

Recovery time for a facelift surgery is usually 10-14 days, based on the type of facelift performed and your rate of healing. After a full facelift and full necklift procedure, you will generally have small drainage tubes behind each ear for a few days. After any type of facelift, there will be some bruising and swelling on the face, which should subside within the first two weeks. After 10-14 days, you may resume normal activities, including driving and light exercise. Most patients look quite normal by then.

Happy Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Sanders and his staff conduct themselves in a warm and professional manner from the initial consultation to the final follow up appointment. He sets realistic expectations and both he and Nurse Karen were very generous with their time throughout the entire process.”Happy Patient

“Dr. Sanders is a great doctor. He captured my essence and just made me look younger — yet still myself. He and his great crew give personalized service and are there for you for any questions and concerns. I recommend him highly and feel lucky to have found such an artist.”Happy Patient

Wow, can’t say enough nice things. I’ve had past surgery by some very well regarded Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons but none were as talented as Dr Sanders.Happy Patient

“Dr. Sanders is a spectacular surgeon. I have undergone two facelifts, 12 years apart; the outcomes of both far exceeded my expectations. He somehow made me much better looking both times. Unbelievable.” Happy Patient

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