Thinking about Plastic SurgerySome decisions in life can be made off the cuff without a lot of forethought. Others require careful self-reflection and consideration. Deciding to alter part of yourself through plastic surgery falls under the latter category, as it is not something to take lightly.

If you are thinking about having plastic surgery to improve the appearance of your face or body, Dr. George Sanders encourages you to spend time asking yourself some important questions.

What do I hope to achieve with surgery?

One of the first things a prospective plastic surgeon will ask you during consultation is what you hope to achieve through surgery. You should be able to articulate your specific goals (e.g., smaller nose, bigger breasts) as well as why you are pursuing this goal. Are you hoping to fix something that bothers you or are you trying to please someone else? This is a very important distinction and something to consider carefully. If you feel pressured into surgery, it’s probably not a good decision.

Have I done my homework about my desired procedure?

The happiest plastic surgery patients are those that take the time to do their homework and educate themselves about their desired procedure. How much do you know about your desired procedure? Based on what you know, do you meet the candidacy requirements? Do you understand what the procedure can typically accomplish, and what the benefits and risks are? If you can’t answer those questions, browse Dr. Sanders’ site or head to or to do your homework.

Am I willing to accept the risks of surgery?

Although the risk of complications is small when working with a board certified plastic surgeon, there will always be some degree of risk. Are you willing to accept the chance that something could go wrong with your surgery? Do you feel comfortable asking your plastic surgeon how s/he handles complications, should they arise?

Can I devote the time and energy to properly recover from surgery?

During the days and weeks following your surgery, you will need to take time off work or school and rest quietly at home. You will need to have help with cooking and other household chores (and childcare, if you have kids). Be honest with yourself about whether you can adequately accept these limitations and follow your surgeon’s instructions, as they are critical components to a smooth recovery.

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