Thank You Letters From Patients

Hi Amy,

thankyou-tonyIt was a delight talking with you from 8,000 miles away in Cebu, the Philippines. Having just reached the age of 81, it occurred to me that Dr. Sanders might get a kick out of seeing how his superb work has maintained itself after these many years. I honestly don’t recall what year he performed plastic surgery on my still handsome (if I may say so) face. Hopefully you’ll find it in your old (but not dead) files.

I interviewed four plastic surgeons in LA (most in Beverly Hills) before I chose Dr. Sanders. There was something about his graciously confident manner that immediately convinced me he was the man for the job. His work totally supports that initial impression.

I don’t know how long a face job is supposed to last before a retouch may be required, but in my case nothing has been required or contemplated. Most people I meet these days take me for being 62 or so. No one can believe 81. In fact, I have had to show my driver’s license as proof.

The point is, I still retain the deepest appreciation for Dr. Sanders — both for the exemplary quality and care of his work, and his admirable decency and niceness as a human being.

I’ve attached several current photos taken over the past 14 months or so. The most recent at 81 is the standing picture with blue horizontal-striped shirt.

Hope you and the good doctor may enjoy seeing the impressive lasting quality of his great work.

Best to all in the office.

Cheers! — Tony B. a/k/a Alston B.

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