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Male plastic surgery before a weddingFor years, brides-to-be have enjoyed the benefits of pre-nuptial plastic surgery to beautify themselves before their big days. But recent reports reveal that their future spouses are taking advantage of the opportunity, too. Here, Dr. George Sanders explores what grooms are having done.

The Treatments Grooms-to-Be Want

The most popular cosmetic procedures among grooms-to-be are non-surgical treatments, probably because they provide rapid results with little (or no) downtime. For example, Botox and dermal fillers are great for smoothing lines, wrinkles and folds in the skin to create a more youthful looking face. Luckily, these injectables can be administered during a quick appointment. The recovery time is minimal (or nonexistent), so grooms can schedule a last-minute appointment if need be.

Besides the skin, another feature that receives a lot of attention from men before their weddings is the chin. Men with excess fat underneath their chin can have injections of a new drug called Kybella to remove the fat. The problem with Kybella, though, is that it takes several months to see a result. Most men prefer to undergo liposuction of the area under local anesthesia. This gives an almost immediate result with minimal downtime. Alternatively, men who have weak chins and desire a more masculine profile for wedding photos may opt to have a chin implant placed.

And, of course, there are the grooms that want to correct previous “bad decisions” of their youth. For example, tattoo removal is quite common, as is earlobe surgery to correct stretched-out earlobes from  piercings or gauging.

Men with more forethought (and extensive cosmetic concerns) may consider surgery to correct a life-long insecurity prior to heading to the chapel. For example, men  who worry about their enlarged breasts looking obvious in wedding photographs can have gynecomastia surgery to flatten and firm the chest. (Although it does require two weeks to recover, gynecomastia surgery is typically well tolerated by most patients.) Or, men that feel self-conscious  because of the size or shape of their nose can have rhinoplasty in order to meet their brides at the altar with a more attractive looking nose.

First-time grooms are not the only ones that want to look picture-perfect. Many second-time grooms want to recapture their youth — perhaps to keep up with their fiancée. With the proper planning, facelift or eyelid surgery can provide the rejuvenating facial effects these older gentlemen desire.

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