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Dr. George H. Sanders

I am writing this blog as I fly across upstate New York in a jet, bound for home after 6 days in Boston at the recent ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) meeting. This year’s meeting was a time for visiting my old stomping grounds since I attended Harvard Medical School and met my wife here in Boston in the 1970’s. My wife and I went back to Boston for the meeting and had a great time checking out new restaurants and dining at one of our old favorites, Anthony’s Pier 4. Here’s a photo of us at Anthony’s! The restaurant looks the same – I think we both look better, especially me with the bib! ☺
I always love going to medical meetings. Not only do I have a chance to learn about new procedures, but it also encourages me to critically reflect upon how I currently do things and improve upon it. At one of the most interesting scientific sessions, a professor of dermatology spoke about the over-the-counter creams that our patients use to enhance their appearance. Did you know that for these non-prescription creams, the 4 key elements that the manufacturers consider most important are:
• #1 – Packaging
• #2 – Color
• #3 – Scent
• #4 – Texture
You say, what about Effectiveness? You guessed it – Effectiveness is #5!! Those various creams that you spend so much for are all about the same in their effectiveness. You are paying for Packaging, Color, Scent, and Texture. According to the professor, the benefit you derive from these creams is marginal at best.
If these creams don’t work, what does? His answer: Sunscreen and Retin-A! For those of you who cannot tolerate Retin-A, the professor spoke of a re-engineered version of Retin-A that may work for you.
I always like to check on what’s new in the pursuit of “The Four Holy Grails of Plastic Surgery.” Those are non-surgical skin tightening, as well as the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite, and dark circles under the eyes. Sad to say that there’s no cure for any of these yet, but improvement is sometimes possible and future breakthroughs are expected.
As I leave this meeting, I am struck by the thought that never has plastic surgery had more to offer patients. Feel free to call my office and schedule a consultation if you would like more information as to how our services might help you to achieve the look you want.