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Many patients who pursue plastic surgery in Los Angeles want to achieve a younger look without extensive surgery. Sometimes, they put their hands just in front of their ears and push upward to show what they desire. Many patients can achieve this look by undergoing a less invasive facelift procedure, MACS-Lift. As an experienced MACS-Lift specialist, Dr. Sanders offers this type of face lift for patients who desire a refreshed facial and neck appearance.

MACS-Lift in LA: Is It For Me?

Dr. Sanders recommends and performs MACS-Lift for patients who have noticed drooping in the neck and jowl regions. Our MACS-Lift patients are often shocked at the remarkable, natural-looking results that they can achieve with the procedure. When performing this less invasive form of facelift surgery, Dr. Sanders uses a somewhat shorter incision and removes less tissue. Superb results are delivered by several technologically advanced, invisible sutures that allow for excellent lifting of the neck and jowl. This technique reduces surgery time, amount of anesthesia and discomfort, resulting in fewer complications and faster recovery. In addition, patients who undergo MACS-Lift do not require drains nor an overnight stay at a recovery center. Due to the increased safety and comfort of the MACS-Lift procedure, this treatment has become known as the “Facelift of the 21st Century.”

Patients who desire to also lift their cheeks can undergo the Extended MACS-Lift, a procedure that involves slightly more skin lifting and an additional internal stitch.

If you are interested in learning more about MACS-Lift and would like to find out if you could benefit from this procedure, please use our contact page to schedule a one-on-one appointment with the renowned Los Angeles MACS-Lift specialist, Dr. Sanders.

Learn More about MAC-Lift

Dr. George Sanders is proud of his reputation as one of the best facelift specialists in the Los Angeles area. His extensive training and experience allow him to skillfully combine this procedure with other treatments in order to achieve truly remarkable facial rejuvenation results. If you would like to view results from Dr. Sanders’ previous patients, visit our MAC-Lift before and after photo gallery. To learn more about the procedure, contact our Encino plastic surgery center today to schedule a consultation.

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