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Dr. George H. Sanders

More people choose to have rhinoplasty than nearly any other cosmetic surgical procedure (breast augmentation and liposuction notwithstanding). For the right candidates, rhinoplasty is truly transformational and gratifying.

Here, Dr. George Sanders, a respected Los Angeles-area plastic surgeon, explains why and how nose surgery can change a person’s life.

Why Do People Request Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can address a variety of concerns, including the following:

  • Off-center or crooked nose
  • Wide nose
  • Asymmetrical nose
  • Bump on the nasal bridge
  • Droopy, upturned or bulbous nasal tip
  • Flared nostrils

Dr. Sanders encounters prospective rhinoplasty candidates that have spent their whole lives feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their nose. These candidates may cringe when they see their reflection in the mirror, or believe that they are unattractive or ugly. Some may have trouble engaging socially or going on dates because they feel so bothered by their appearance. Many rhinoplasty candidates find that they hide from a camera or insist on being photographed only at a certain angle to avoid profile shots. Some become exceptionally skilled in makeup techniques to camouflage aspects of the nose.

What Rhinoplasty is Designed to Accomplish

Dr. Sanders can use his expertise to fix these problems, thus correcting his patients’ lifelong insecurities. He can straighten a crooked nose, reduce an oversized nose or refine the bridge, tip and nostrils. He can create better balance and harmony between the nose and the rest of the facial features.

Dr. Sanders accomplishes these goals while still maintaining the aesthetic qualities that make each patient unique and attractive. He is very conscious of avoiding “cookie-cutter” rhinoplasty results; instead, he carefully considers and respects the distinctive physical qualities of each patient — for example, the angles of their face, how wide/long their face is, the size of their eyes and their ethnic identity. Dr. Sanders’ goal is to create a nose that truly “fits” the patient’s face, as if they were born with that nose.

The cosmetic changes made during surgery should ideally help patients breathe better than before. Simultaneously improving appearance and breathing function requires the skill and experience of a talented rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Sanders, who understands how changes made for aesthetic reasons can have repercussions on breathing function.

Book a Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr. Sanders

The success of your rhinoplasty depends on the surgeon performing the operation. It’s best to work with someone like Dr. Sanders that demonstrates attention to detail and a meticulous surgical approach. To meet with our sought-after rhinoplasty surgeon, please call or email our office today.