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Breasts can droop or sag due to aging or child bearing. Dr. Sanders is a gifted Encino cosmetic surgeon who has helped many women regain their breast shape and contour using the breast lift procedure. He is well known for his skill in aesthetic breast surgery. In the paragraphs below he describes the popular breast lift procedure. Please view the before and after photos to see results for breast lift patients.

Good Candidates for Breast Lift Surgery

A woman is typically considered a good candidate for a breast lift if she:

  • Is in overall good health
  • Has breasts that sag or have otherwise lost their shape
  • Has nipples that, when the breasts are unsupported, fall below the breast fold
  • Has nipples that point downward
  • Has stretched skin and enlarged areolas
  • Has flat, elongated breasts
  • Has one breast that falls lower than the other

Breast Lift Procedure

Dr. Sanders performs breast lift, known as mastopexy, to raise and reshape sagging breasts. The length of the incision required depends on the degree of drooping, with many of our patients choosing a short scar encircling the areola only. Breast lift patients with more significant drooping of the breasts may require the “lollipop” or “full lift” incision techniques. Special scar treatments after surgery minimize their appearance. In many cases patients opt for placement of an implant at the same time as the lift so as to minimize the length of the scar required for the uplift and to restore more fullness to the upper breast.

Before and After Photos of Breast Lifts

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

Any of the breast lift techniques may be performed at the same time as an augmentation. The choice depends on the degree of scarring the patient is willing to accept as well as the degree and type of drooping that is present.

A breast lift alone does not increase the size of the breasts, and for this reason some women may wish to have breast lift surgery along with breast augmentation (augmentation mastopexy). This combination procedure is good for women who want to reposition their breasts to a higher, perkier level while also enhancing the fullness of the upper breast at the same time. For women who are satisfied with their breast size, but just want to fix breasts that sag, breast lift alone is a good option for them.

Recovering from Surgery

After surgery, you can expect some bruising and swelling in the chest area. This will subside after 2-3 weeks. After the procedure, the doctor will place you in a surgical bra that will support your breasts, and you will wear it for two weeks. You can expect some discomfort in your breasts during this time, and the doctor will prescribe pain medication to make sure that you are comfortable. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, as it can cause bleeding problems.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

The cost of a breast lift varies based on your individual needs, your build and whether or not you are having a breast augmentation along with the breast lift. You will be able to get a better idea of the cost during your personalized consultation with Dr. Sanders. At that time, you may also wish to ask Dr. Sanders about the financing options that he offers, which create an affordable monthly payment method with low to zero interest. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanders, contact his office at (818) 981-3333.

Other Body Procedures

In order to further enhance their appearance, many of our breast lift patients pursue additional body contouring procedures, including liposuction or tummy tuck. Dr. Sanders has many years of experience performing these treatments, as well as other breast procedures such as breast reduction and gynecomastia. In fact, Dr. Sanders is regarded as one of the best breast surgeons in Los Angeles. Please explore the pages devoted to these procedures to learn more about these contouring treatments.

Dr. George Sanders can help you get back the breasts of your youth with a breast lift. If you would like to talk to Dr. Sanders about whether a breast lift, or a breast lift along with breast augmentation, is right for you, contact his office at (818) 981-3333 and schedule a consultation.


What is the difference between breast augmentation and breast lift?

Breast augmentation uses saline or silicone implants to increase the size and fullness of small or asymmetrical breasts. Breast lift does not change the size of the breasts but it does relocate them higher on the chest.

Can breast augmentation and breast lift be performed during the same operation?

Yes, the placement of breast implants can be combined with breast lift techniques to increase the size of the breasts and elevate them to a perkier position.

How do I know if I need a breast lift?

It is difficult to advise a patient of what they need without examining their breasts and discussing their goals. Dr. Sanders encourages all women that are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts to schedule an informational consultation at his practice. In general, if the nipple hangs below the breast fold, some type of breast lift is usually needed.

Can I breastfeed if I have had breast lift surgery?

Many breast lift patients are able to breastfeed after surgery, although it depends on the placement of the surgical incisions, how well the milk ducts are preserved and the amount of tissue dissection. Dr. Sanders can adjust his surgical technique to preserve the ducts and tissues as best possible, while still producing the desired lift. Talk to the surgeon about your goals during your initial consultation. 

Will I retain nipple sensation after breast lift?

There is a slight risk with every breast lift procedure that the nipples will lose sensation after surgery; however, this is not usually the case. Dr. Sanders can discuss the possibility with you at your consultation if you are concerned.

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