Not so very many years ago the idea of adding fat to one’s backside to build it up would have seemed a ridiculous idea. As one pundit put it, “It’s Junk in the Trunk!” Now we are inundated by ads extolling the virtue of the “Brazilian Butt Lift.” What has happened to cause this turnaround in opinion? Certainly the appearance of certain celebrities who champion a full buttock has made this look the mark of a beautiful body. As our culture becomes more ethnically diverse, a fuller “booty” has also become more desirable.

You might ask, “What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (abbreviated “BBL”)?” Truth is – it’s not a lift, but rather a fat transfer to the buttock. Why is it called “Brazilian?” In Brazil many women desire a generous derriere that is well-shaped. Plastic surgeons in Brazil are well-versed in procedures designed to produce this result, using both fat injections as well as implants. Whereas implants require incisions that are several inch long and can be associated with a variety of complications, fat injection has fewer complications, requires much shorter incisions, and uses only fat, a natural substance that many women have in abundance.

How much fat is required for a BBL? In general it is desirable to be able to add at least 300 – 400 cc per side. This requires about 3 to 4 liters of fat aspirated by means of liposuction. Although guidelines can be given as to what a person’s BMI must be to allow for that amount of aspirate, there is no substitute for a visit to a plastic surgeon for consultation.

Keep in mind several facts:
• Only about 50% of the transferred fat will remain because of fat absorption that occurs over the first 6 months.
• The look achieved with fat transfer is not that of an extremely projecting buttock, but is rather an overall increase in the fullness. The projecting look requires the use of implants.
• Much of the improvement in the fullness of the buttock after fat transfer comes from the reduction in fullness of the body areas around the buttock by means of liposuction. Reducing the fullness of the hips and lower back as well as the outer thigh makes the buttock seem fuller, even before fat is added.

Should you have further questions, please contact my office.

George Sanders, M.D.