Many people come to the office, telling me that they need a facelift to lift their drooping neck and jowls, but do not want something too extensive or expensive. They have heard of a MACS-Lift and want to know if it would be appropriate for them?

I tell them that I recommend and perform the MACS-Lift for patients who have noticed drooping in the neck and jowl regions. These patients often can achieve remarkable, natural-looking aesthetic results by undergoing this operation. When performing this less invasive form of facelift surgery, I use a somewhat shorter incision and perform a less invasive procedure. Not every patient is a good candidate for this more limited procedure, yet for the correct patient who does not have a great deal of drooping skin and muscle in the neck, superb results are possible. These excellent results are accomplished by virtue of several technologically advanced sutures which are hidden beneath the skin and that allow for an excellent lifting of the neck and jowl. This technique reduces surgery time, amount of anesthesia and discomfort, results in fewer complications and allows for a more rapid recovery. In addition, patients who undergo a MACS-Lift do not require drains nor an overnight stay at a recovery center.

Before and After Photographs of patients who have undergone the MACS-Lift are available on-line at my Los Angeles Plastic Surgery website, The website is completely redone. Please check it out and let me know what you think!


George Sanders, MD