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Correcting Lifelong Insecurities with Rhinoplasty

More people choose to have rhinoplasty than nearly any other cosmetic surgical procedure (breast augmentation and liposuction notwithstanding). For the right candidates, rhinoplasty is truly transformational and gratifying. Here, Dr. George Sanders, a respected Los Angeles-area plastic surgeon, explains why and how nose surgery can change a person’s life.

Why You Should Trust Your Cosmetic Treatment to a Plastic Surgeon

Nowadays, everyone from dentists to hair stylists to nail technicians to gynecologists advertises cosmetic treatments. These providers can vary widely in their level of skill and experience. Despite all of the available options, it’s important to leave cosmetic treatment to board certified plastic surgeons. Dr. George Sanders, a Los Angeles-area plastic surgeon, explains why in… Continue reading

Making the Transition from Injectables to Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Noninvasive facial rejuvenation with neurotoxins and fillers can minimize wrinkles, lines and volume loss to create a more youthful facial appearance. However, there comes a tipping point in everyone’s life at which non-surgical treatment no longer has the desired effects, and surgical correction becomes necessary. In this post, Dr. George Sanders explains when it is… Continue reading

Breast Implant Removal: What to Know

Every year hundreds of thousands of women safely undergo breast augmentation and are delighted with their results. Despite the excellent safety record and success of breast augmentation, some women do choose to exchange or remove their implants down the road for certain reasons. It’s important that anyone thinking of undergoing breast augmentation consider the long-term… Continue reading

Lip Injections Increase by 50 Percent since 2000

Recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that 27,000 lip augmentation procedures were performed last year. To put that number in context, a lip augmentation procedure was performed nearly every 20 minutes. The procedure has experienced enormous growth since the year 2000 —a 50 percent jump, to be exact. Why is lip… Continue reading

Study: Sunscreen Reverses Signs of Aging

New research suggests that instead of spending money on the latest “miracle” creams and potions, you could reverse signs of aging with a product you already have in your bathroom cabinet. Two dermatologists found that daily application of moisturizer with SPF 30 improved the appearance of skin texture, clarity and pigmentation dramatically. Always interested helping… Continue reading

Changes in Lipo Technology and Technique Make It Safer and More Effective than Ever

Liposuction has evolved quite a bit since surgeons first performed the procedure to remove unwanted fat. In the early days of liposuction, there were long recovery periods and considerable side effects. Improvements in technology and techniques have helped liposuction surgeons deliver better results with lower risks and fewer side effects. Dr. George Sanders, our Los… Continue reading

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